Product Manager Mercenary Services

It takes a Product Manager to be a great Product Manager.

Your CEO shouldn't be filling in as PM because you haven't made the right hire yet.

I work with companies to fill in as a fractional or part-time Product Manager on high priority projects or processes improvements. Then I help you hire my replacement from my network when you're ready to bring it in-house.

Here is why I'm different:

I know what it takes.

I know what it takes to be a successful PM because I was a successful PM at TripAdvisor. I also know what it takes to succeed at Trello, Atlassian, and Google. As a result, I'm good at delivering results for your business and getting shit done.

I take the time to understand.

I'm invested in your business and will spend the time to understand your unique needs. Then we'll agree on what success looks like together.

I'm not a consultant

Do you actually do work? Yes.

I help you hire my replacement.

I have a whole separate side of my business focused on career coaching for Product Managers. When you're ready to bring it in-house I can help with that too.

I bill on results not hourly

We'll work together to agree on the project scope, milestones, and outcome. This is a partnership so I look for 3-6 month commitments (but you can leave at any time).

I had a great session with Sam last week. The value you get from this is insane.”

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